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Relationship Therapy

Why Relationship Therapy?

Relationship issues can significantly affect your quality of life, impacting on almost all areas of your life. Living life with negativity and feeling hurt, sad, angry, resentful, disillusioned, stressed, anxious or even depressed can create chronic and serious health issues for all involved.

The Benefits of Relationship Therapy

Relationship Therapy can help you to work through and resolve those on-going problems, reduce your conflict, promote intimacy, recapture your love, re-establish or enhance your happiness and wellbeing.

You will Learn:

  • How to gain a deeper understanding of your partner.
  • How to understand what "triggers" your partner and "how" to reach out to them sooner.
  • How to do things differently to stay in connection with your partner when either or both of you are distressed.
  • How to change your own protective defences that create distance between you and your partner.
  • How to acknowledge the "gifts" each of you bring to your relationship and to embrace your differences.
  • How to deepen connection, security, intimacy and create fun in your relationship

Relationship Work

The relationship between two people can be looked on as a journey rather than a destination. Couples can learn to accept and appreciate their differences, communicate their feelings and needs, and work towards changing their beliefs and habits that are limiting to their relationship happiness. Creating the relationship you want requires commitment, learning and applying new skills, self-awareness and the awareness of each partner's needs in relationship.

Imago Relationship Therapy

A mixed race couple with a baby standing outside togetherImago Relationship Therapy is a powerful approach with strategies that couples can use, not only when they experience challenges, but as a conscious way of communicating and connecting. With my experience as a certified Imago Relationship Therapist, I support couples to overcome the obstacles that get in the way of a healthy relationship. In my work I assist couples to clearly communicate their differences in a constructive way, which is without judgment or criticism. This journey will add a deeper meaning and strength to your connection in your relationship.

I specialise in working with couples who are going through challenging times, or who may feel confused, hopeless, or lost in their relationship. Sessions are completely private and confidential. As a highly trained therapist I provide an impartial and safe environment in sessions to support couples throughout their dialogues.

My practice includes working with couples who are considering marriage or a long term relationship and couples wanting to, but struggling to make a commitment in a long term relationship. Couples can benefit from understanding the growth opportunities and stages an intimate relationship grows through. They can learn communication skills, and how to support one another as individuals without this detracting from their relationship, but instead enhancing their relationship.

For additional information on Imago Relationship Therapy Read More or visit NZIRT or IRT

Relationship Challenges

Stress, conflict and insecurity are inevitable when there are challenging external factors or life events that create difficulties in a relationship. The presence of these stressful factors can lead to poor communication leaving partners feeling frustrated, angry, lonely, depressed or trapped. The positive side is; conflict in relationships can be the agent for change, as it brings to our attention what we don't want, and moves us towards the loving connection we want in a relationship. It is more effective to seek treatment early, rather than waiting until your relationship is at breaking point.

Separation & Divorce

Going through separation and/or divorce is a very traumatic experience. The couple involved experience a great deal of anger, frustration, guilt and sadness. I provide a safe, caring and non-judgmental environment where couples can express their feelings. My work involves facilitating couples communicating safely, whether their process leads them to either reconciliation, or to going their separate ways. Mutual understanding and respect can be achieved, if they wish to do so.

The Impact of Infidelity

Working towards recovery from infidelity is a real option for many couples who have initiated relationship therapy after the discovery of an affair. With the skills of a therapist the couple in crisis can have the opportunity to gain understanding, rebuild the trust they have lost and to regain their love and sense of connection. Couples can begin to look to the future of their relationship and determine what a new, safe and recommitted relationship would look like between them.

Relationships Issues covered but not limited to include the following:

  • Communication, Conflict, Complaceny, Commitment
  • Intimacy/Sex issues, Same Sex Realtionship Issues
  • Trust and Integrity, Infidelity,Separation, Divorce
  • Relationship Visions/Planning for the Future
  • Family Transitions/ Succession Planning
  • Loss & Grief, Bereavement
  • Starting a family, Social and Family issues
  • Parenting Concerns with Children or Step-children
  • Financial Difficulties, Career/Work Obligations
  • Cultural Issues, Immigration Stress


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