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Non-judgmental support

"Non-judgmental support was very important throughout my counselling with Fionna which spread over many months and covered several crises. Fionna was informative and very "human". She helped me to understand why I dealt with certain issues in a particular way and gave me the tools to deal with future issues. Understanding and accepting my grieving process, was made easier by talking to a caring counsellor. I have no hesitation is recommending Fionna as she has helped me to continue my life and enjoy it!"

Straddled the cultural divide

"I couldn't have had better support even if I had handpicked Fionna to be my counsellor. The service I received, much to my surprise straddled the cultural divide which I didn't think would be possible, but with that I was comfortable and all my needs, as well as my whanau's were addressed."

We understand each other more now

"Fionna was great for us as a couple; we understand each other more now and understand why we reacted the way we did. She helped me get through some difficult issues that I had carried for some time that affected our relationship. We are a happier couple now we can talk things through"

Fionna was very patient and considerate

"Fionna was very patient and considerate when I couldn't see through my issues; she saw beyond it and helped me work through them. I really had no one else understand me like that before."

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