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Individual Counselling

Adults and Younger People

My role as a counsellor includes understanding what it feels like "to be in your shoes" and then staying alongside you, as we work together. In my work with both males and females the journey is unique as we move towards finding a way forward. It is my responsibility to create a safe, non-judgmental and supportive environment where you can share your story and feel heard, understood and accepted.

My specific areas of expertise include issues related to anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse and grief that challenge and affect a person's full enjoyment of life and their well-being. My work includes sharing my professional knowledge with you to achieve a better outcome. I understand how distressing it can be when faced with issues that challenge your wellbeing, and to find relief from these uncomfortable feelings that can seem overwhelming to face alone.

Personal Growth

Blond girl in pink top with a withdrawn look on her face

Sometimes people seek counselling as they have a sense of feeling out of sorts with life, wanting more, but seem to feel lost, lacking purpose and without direction. Counselling sessions can provide this focus, time and space required for reflection and exploration. It can be helpful to identify the actions and clear strategies needed to achieve more personal satisfaction and enjoyment from life. More personally, I will encourage your creativity, strengths, ambitions and courage to find your desired solutions. Along with this, I bring an open-mindedness to support your personal growth; I will encourage and affirm your personal aspirations to pursue your dreams and desires.

Privacy & Support

Most importantly, I can offer to you the experience of being supported in an unbiased, safe environment by a professional. Seeking support from outside of your own networks can alleviate feelings of being judged, criticised, or a sense of 'burdening' others. Together we can clarify and prioritise the issues and then define your goals, while still holding a view of the bigger picture. You can gain personal insights, acceptance of current situations, the hope of new possibilities, informed choices, improved decision making and hopefully the best outcomes.

Reasons For Counselling

The reasons that bring people to counselling are many and varied. This is understandable as our lives are forever changing which brings challenging circumstances that affect our enjoyment of life, personal well-being and our relationships. Counselling sessions will give you the opportunity to explore either current life challenges, or your past experiences that have impacted on life's journey.

For more information about the Issues Covered Read More.

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